Distilling the Spirit of Colorado

From the mountains to the city, there’s an undeniable spirit of adventure that runs through the state of Colorado. Our goal is to capture it with the best ingredients, flavors and experiences this great state has to offer. And just like Colorado, there’s always more to taste, discover and explore. We invite you to do just that at Ironton Distillery and Crafthouse.

Farm To Flask

To us, small batch isn’t just a trendy catchphrase—it’s a philosophy for how we create our spirits using filtered house water and local ingredients wherever possible. Made onsite, never blended or mass produced. We call it farm-to-flask. You’ll call it delicious.

Our spirit of adventure isn’t just explored in our liquors, but also our cocktails. From mixologist recipes to pre-mixed cocktails on tap, we’re always mixing and mastering the best ways to bring our spirits to life in your glass.

Small batch spirits, craft cocktails and an inspiring space make the perfect recipe for whatever event you have on tap. See how we can take it to the next level.