Farm to Flask

Adventure Ready Spirits

Traditional Meets Modern Distillation Methods. A constant desire to explore new flavors, recipes and experiences. Distilled onsite in our custom-made stills. That’s what makes our small-batch liquors stand out in the industry and on your taste buds. Because if you’re going to make spirits ready for adventure, you need to be adventurous in doing just that.

Bottles are currently available for purchase at our tasting room in RiNo as well as in liquor stores around Colorado. Find a location near you or inquire about carrying Ironton bottles.


Housemade Vodka

Handcrafted vodka made from 100% grain. Triple distilled to create a smooth yet full-bodied character; and the base for many of our other spirits.

Genièvre Gin

Our Genièvre is our throwback style of gin. In this case, we’re throwing it all the way back to the old world Dutch. Distilled from grain spirit, Genièvre is spicy, citrusy, and a refreshing alternative to common London dry. A gin for the whiskey drinker.

Olde Alchemist

We age our Genièvre for six months in Single Malt Whiskey barrels. The name comes from the first form of distillation, alchemy, since Genièvre was the first form of gin. Alchemy was the science of trying to turn lead into gold using distillation. Obviously that didn’t work.

Ponderosa Gin

With real ponderosa pine needles as a key ingredient in its distillation process, our gin takes its namesake seriously. And with a fresh, piney yet floral flavor, each sip is like walking through a mountain forest after a rainfall. We’re all about keeping it local with this gin – ponderosa pine needles, lavender, sage and rosemary are all handpicked from our onsite distillery gardens.

Rye Aquavit

Aquavit is a traditional Scandinavian liquor and ours is distilled from rye. Renowned for its sweet black licorice flavor and spice, our Aquavit rounds out the experience with a flavorful dill finish. It’s a Nordic journey in every sip.

Nordic Gold

Rye Aquavit is aged for six months in our rye whiskey barrels for a beautiful golden color and deeper taste.

Platinum Rum

Bold and sweet with earthy undertones, our agricole-style rum is the perfect addition to your Colorado inspired tiki cocktails. Distilled from pure, unrefined sugarcane from Colombia.

Barrel Aged Rum

Our Platinum Rum is aged for 9 months in our Bourbon Whiskey barrels to create a deeper, richer flavor.


American Single Malt Whiskey

Made with one malt to rule them all. It’s all thanks to a beech smoked malt, which adds a subtle smokey flavor to complement the natural smoke of the barrel. 100% barley provides a nice sweetness to balance the smokey character.

Batch #1 release: August 2019

Rye Malt Whiskey

Two words perfectly summarize the taste of our rye: Delicious and dynamic. A blend of pale rye and chocolate rye strikes a balance between bittersweet and spice. Translation: you’ll enjoy enticing, ever changing flavors in every sip.

Batch #1 release: July 2019

Colorado Bourbon Whiskey

Our bourbon stands out from the pack thanks to its’ blue heirloom corn grown at the Whiskey Sisters’ farm in eastern Colorado. Aged in new American oak barrels, everything comes together to create a complex, yet creamy flavor perfect for sipping and mixing.

Batch #1 release: September 2019


Capturing colorful Colorado, one liqueur at a time.

Bold, expressive and vibrant, our collection of liqueurs is as colorful as Colorado itself. And just like every corner of our state, each liqueur we distill captures something new, something unexpected and something wonderful.


The flavor and aroma of ginger comes alive in our ginger liqueur. It’s tangy, sweet and perfect for spicing up any cocktail.


Our mint liqueur adds a dash of refreshing flavor and a tinge of sweetness to a variety of cocktails. And it’s made with mint harvested right here in our garden, making it as fresh as a liqueur can get.


Made with freshly ground cacao nibs, our cocao liqueur pairs exceptionally well with desserts or with chocolatey cocktails.


We partnered with local coffee roastery Kaladi to distill a coffee liqueur that goes big on dark roasted java flavor. Perfect for ski season and winter nights (or mornings) by the fire.


Amaro is a traditional Italian bitter liqueur. We put a local twist on it with homegrown herbs from our inhouse garden. A perfect balance between sweet and bitter.


Sweet, tangy, and fruity, our orange liqueur is perfect for adding a splash of citrusy flavor to margaritas and more.


Our Amaretto captures the traditional Italian liqueur with sweet and nutty almond liqueur in every sip.

PSL (Pumpkin Spice Liqueur)

Everybody’s favorite seasonal flavor! TBH, there’s nothing basic about it.


Our Absinthe honors the liqueur’s traditional characteristics with a higher alcohol content, black licorice flavor and a minty aftertaste.


Imagined by Mitch.
Reimagined by Us.

Mitchell Moore is known as “Mitch” by his friends and “dad” by our head distiller Laura. Mitch lives on the Oregon Coast with his wife Dana. His days are often spent admiring his lawn gnome collection (forcefully gifted by his daughter), gallivanting across the countryside, relaxing by the lakeside and last but not least, making tasty bitters. All of these bitters are Mitch’s original recipes recreated in house by his daughter Laura.

Papa’s Bitters are currently available in five flavors:

  • Herbal, an Aromatic blend of herbs and root. Beautiful purple tint extracted from hibiscus petals.
  • Walnut, a nutty and creamy additive with a slightly sweet aftertaste.
  • Citrus, tangy deliciousness.
  • Cherry Basil, slightly sweet with hints of basil.
  • Old Fashioned, aromatic and woody.